I Fought The Law

“Breaking rocks in, the hot sun….”

“I fought the law…..and the law won”.

The tune kept going round and round in my head. Ok, it was a cool song covered by Joe Strummer and the Clash, and ok, it took me back to those great days in 70’s London, but the reason for remembering this song right now, is that I’m on my way to jail!!

Now before everyone joins in with a chorus of “serves you right you criminal malcontent”, I will add that the jail is actually a dungeon – the famous London Dungeon – and I’m going there as a visitor!

This whole thing started when I was looking for a two day break in London at a nice hotel. I chanced upon superbreak and quickly spotted that they had an offer on for London breaks. Now, never one to miss out on a ‘freebie’ I surfed right on to the detail.

If I booked with superbreak I could select a free bonus – either a theatre ticket to a top show, a lunch or dinner at a great eatery or an admission to a selection of sights.

My eye was drawn, of course, to the latter and I remember frantically booking my break and bonus in case they ran out. In a trice though, I had a confirmation from Superbreak that my package was booked – I was in.

The London Dungeon is a massive complex underneath the streets of Southwark/London Bridge and gives a taste of medieval horror. It’s not a museum, as such, but an exhibition of the dark happenings of the past – a sort of haunted house for adults. Here you will find many torture and execution devices and recreations of vicious murders and royal executions. As you wander through the various galleries, the sense of oppression is markedly increased by the dank and dingy surroundings and the sound and lighting effects woven around each display.

By far, the best thing about the London Dungeon is that fact that you are not just a passive spectator. There are many participatory elements and here are some of the ones that I am most looking forward to:

The Boat Ride To Hell – A water boat ride in total darkness with shocking surprises en route.

Extremis – You are lead by a hooded hangman to that final drop…you feel the floor give way as you plummet downwards…

The Labyrinth Of The Lost – You must venture into a large mirrored maze, it is dark, the escape routes you see are mere mirages, only the bravest will survive!

As the days go by, I am more and more excited and eager to test myself against the coming darkness and lurking horrors; my thanks to superbreak for this excellent package, and should I not return, remember… I bravely fought the Dungeon… but the Dungeon won!

If a you fancy a London getaway like this one why not visit Superbreak.com [http://www.superbreak.com/promo/summerinthecity/summerinthecity.htm] and book yourself a well earned break!