Free Online Hypnosis – A Neat Trick For Getting People To Respond – Part 2

Here’s a pretty neat thing you can do for getting people to notice you. Once people start responding to you, then it becomes easier to hypnotize and influence them. So here’s what I want you to do: get used to doing things which are totally irrelevant at first.

So, when you’re sitting in the office, don’t turn around to someone and say, “Hey, why not get me a cup of coffee?” unless you’re already used to asking for those sorts of things.

Start with requests which seem really trivial and unimportant. Things like the following…
Could you pass me that piece of paper over there?

Oh, pass me the salt?

Why don’t you stand over here while we talk about this?

That’s a lovely watch, can I see it?” as you pick up the wrist to have a look at it.

These are all very unimportant activities that people will happily comply with.

But even though they’re unimportant activities, you’re already beginning the ‘law of successive approximation’ and they’re beginning to respond to you. And you can begin to use the ‘law of compounding effect’ to make sure that, each and every time that you ask for something, it’s more likely that they’ll respond to the next one as well.

So start with little things, and build them up. If you’re already used to asking for little things, then start asking for ever more important things.

Ask people to sit down when they don’t normally want to sit down. Ask them to bring you a cup of coffee, to bring a paper, to recount a story – whatever it happens to be – but make it subtle enough that it fits the conversational context that you happen to be in.

Just remember to do it with a friendly smile on your face and a casual manner, so it’s no big deal for you or for them, or for anyone else.

This is a great way to begin the hypnosis process. When you first meet someone, you need to start small before really influencing them, and this is a good way to do it. Once you finish this step you can start asking for bigger and more important things until you can make someone do anything you want.

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