Bendigo – A Golden Experience

Located in the geographical centre of Victoria, Bendigo is just a 90 minute drive from the state’s capital, Melbourne. Easily accessible by car and campervan by four major highways, journeying along the Calder Highway from Melbourne, is the safest and most secure way to travel.

Bendigo is most famously known as one of Australia’s major gold mining towns. In fact, between 1850 and 1900, more gold was found here then in any other part of the world. All up, Bendigo has produced $9 billion worth of this precious metal, making it the 7th richest gold field in the world.

Located on the northern fringe of the Great Dividing Range, Bendigo enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal holiday destination all year round. The entire area is rich in local history, with a strong emphasis on art and culture and high value placed in the local food and wine.

The neat, wide streets of Bendigo are lined with inspiring Victorian buildings, which emphasise the rich heritage of this historic town. The most noticeable of these buildings include the Bendigo Town Hall, the School of Mines, the Bendigo Art Gallery and the Law Courts. These buildings can be admired as you stroll down the quiet streets of this quaint town.

Bendigo celebrates a vivacious arts and cultural scene. Home to several inspiring art galleries, the Bendigo Art Gallery is by far the greatest highlight the town has to offer in regards to art. As one of the largest and oldest regional art gallery’s in Australia, the Bendigo Art Gallery boasts a wide array of exhibitions that encompass the essence of Australian art. Displays of traditional Australian art and artefacts and art from the Bendigo goldfields are contrasted with 19th Century European art. This contrast offers an unforgettable cultural experience that demonstrates the very uniqueness of Bendigo. The Bendigo Pottery also offers an enlightening experience for tourists with the interpretive museum depicting even further, the true extent of Bendigo’s history.

While visiting Bendigo you can explore all the facets of the local life through guided and self-guided tours. Taking a Mine Experience Tour allows you to walk in the footsteps of the miners as you dare to mission underground and discover the home of the gold. There are also opportunities to pan for gold, which offers a unique and unforgettable experience for the entire family.

To get a true taste of the vastness of the City of Greater Bendigo and surrounding areas, explore the countryside from the sky in a hot air balloon. There are several local destinations from which you can take off and all you have to do is enjoy the stunning beauty that surrounds you, while gaining a bird’s eye view of all that Bendigo has to offer.

Returning to the ground, explore some of the natural wonders that you admired from the air. Take the short drive into the hills of Bendigo and you will come to the Great Dividing Trail. Trek along the Bendigo Goldfield’s Walk, which begins in the hills and takes you through to the Bendigo Railway Station. This walk is a hidden treasure, with deep gorges, fern lined rivers and local artefacts following you, you can enjoy the cultural heritage of this walk at your own pace and style. For a further exploration of the natural beauty of Bendigo, venture into the Greater Bendigo National Park, home to some of the highest quality Box-ironbark forest in the region. The native flora and fauna of this park are truly spectacular and give you a taste of Australia’s wonder and splendour.

For the ultimate dining experience you can’t go past the Bendigo Ninesevensix. This refurbished 1952 Melbourne SW6 Tram has been transformed into a classy dining tram. Take a tour of the sights in Bendigo, taking in the historic architecture while enjoying the fresh, local cuisine and fine wine.

While staying in Bendigo, choose from a wide variety of accommodation options. The local caravan and tourist parks are perfect for those campervanning around the area and also offer comfortable cabin-style accommodation. No matter what your needs or budget, you are sure to find something here that suits you!

So whether it’s from the depths of the underground mines or the clouds in the sky, Bendigo is guaranteed to offer something for the entire family!