Be Do Have – It’s Time to Create the Life You Want

“The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is a Law of Attraction Coach? I’d like to introduce you to a well-respected and popular coach who is based in Phoenix but travels nationwide speaking and teaching law of attraction concepts: He is author of “Be Do Have, It’s Time to Create the Life You Want”. He has been certified directly by world-renowned coach Bob Proctor (“The Secret”) and over 20 years of study and work in the field of personal development.

We asked our coach to tell us what is special about Law of attraction-based coaching:

The success of life is in finding the joy, and if you want to know how successful you are then look at your feelings. Success is truly measured by your degree of joy. The happier you are, the more on track you are. My role as a coach is to help people connect with their own ability to reach for better feelings, and thus, become successful at getting what they want.

I’m a Law of Attraction coach for individuals, executive teams and businesses. I don’t use magic formulas, a ten-step process, or any kind of pre-conceived approach with my clients. My job is to facilitate your own transformation by listening and drawing out from you what you already know but don’t realize you know. I learned this process from a true master of drawing forth great potential: Bob Proctor, a featured teacher on the phenomenally popular DVD “The Secret”.

The tools I use are questions that help you find self-empowerment and lead you to a place of understanding the power of your own thoughts to create your reality, rather than your circumstances creating your thoughts.

The power of coaching lies in the creative process. When combined with learning about Law of attraction, the process is significantly sped up. Why is that? You focus forward instead of dwelling on the past results. Through the coaching experience, you will develop personal accountability and have the integrity to identify within yourself excuses and justifications as incongruent with your goals. You will learn not to listen to the peanut gallery out there —everyone is going to give a different opinion of where you should be, and provide judgments about what you have done and where you are going. You will learn feel what is right and what feels good for yourself. That is an incredibly empowering life-skill.

I want to highlight some of the successes of people with whom I have been privileged to work. The same truth holds for each client’s success: the ability to engage in a dialog about themselves and not shy away from the belief in their own feelings of joy in contemplating their goals. For a client who is a Real Estate agent, becoming a fashion model was a dream that she thought no longer possible until we worked together. After identifying that passion, focusing on positive outcomes and taking the steps to achieve them she indeed started her modeling career. After ten weeks working together, she was well on her way – with a portfolio of photos, a contract with a modeling agency and most importantly, the feeling of being on the right track and confidence in her desire.

Another client is developing her interior design business around law of attraction concepts – and realizing her desire to create a life’s work based on bringing joy to her customers. Through consciously creating home interiors reflective of her clients’ personal affirmations, goals, desires and self-image, she helps them to strengthen their good feelings about their home and the joyful experiences that take place there. She helps people create an environment for affirms their positive feelings at every turn. She is creating a book on the subject and you will surely hear more about that in the future.

I have clients who have been able to leave jobs they don’t like, create successful businesses , and foster happier marriages where they thought the damage was too great to repair. I even have a client who was suffering from severe depression until she was able to create a fundamental shift in her belief about experiencing joy and happiness in life. It was my intention in this column to go into detail about the various success stories, but ultimately I feel it is more important to beat the drum of what all of these cases have in common: the ability to embrace your wants, give them attention and move towards better and better feelings about your own life. Those things when combined, create a momentum towards achievement better than the best laid-plans and strategies. When you receive unwavering encouragement all the way to the finish line- your commitment, enthusiasm, and belief in your abilities increases exponentially.

Clients often want to know what the specific “rules” there are for benefiting from law of attraction – there aren’t any except: relax and reach for a better feeling state. Law of attraction is about ease. The “work” of “getting” law of attraction to work for you is to get truthful with yourself and get clear on what you want, and why you want it. It’s really all about how you genuinely feel and what your true state of being is under all the beliefs, assumptions, stories, histories and meanings you may put on yourself. Law of attraction responds to your actual state of being, not what you say or act out. That is why people who are true to their dreams, goals and desires are successful.

Often, we say things we don’t really mean and expect the universe to respond, but the universe always responds to your true meaning…and your true meaning is always emanating from you vibrationally. You get what you think about, you get how you feel…whether you want it or not. As a coach, I can help you identify what your thought process is about various aspects of your life, and what your habitual patterns are creating. I help you look at your current results and see that they are not your potential. Over time, you begin to see that you do actually know deeply that whatever you are giving your attention to activates your point of attraction. That awareness is the key shift into creating the life you want – understanding that what you give your attention to will grow, no matter what it is.

I will also help you identify what your beliefs are about your own success, because what you believe is an important basis for attraction. You may be focused on beliefs which are limiting or negative.

Likewise, with your desires, you may have gotten a little out of whack about knowing more of what you don’t want than what you do want. My job as a coach is to help you find what you do want, and to feel good about it, because the fundamental basis of law of attraction is that you are supposed to feel good. You may be so focused on what is missing in your life and on your lack that you set up within yourself a pattern of failure and unconsciously not letting yourself move toward what you do want. You should be giving undivided attention to what you do want.

You can learn not to argue for your limitations. You can learn to make peace with who you are and find out how much you really know. This is a process that is totally available to anyone who wants it. If you want to learn about law of attraction, come to a discussion hour, join a mastermind study group, or work with me one-on one and start taking the steps toward cultivating your joy, happiness, goals and dreams.

You can become an unstoppable force for personal achievement. Coaching in one form or another has been practiced among a small minority of enlightened individuals for centuries. Only recently has this enormously powerful engine for personal transformation begun to receive mainstream attention on a global scale. I believe this miraculous turn of events is the result of a spiritual shift that is taking place in the world: Individuals in great numbers are realizing that they have deep reservoirs of talent and ability – and that they possess the inherent power to bring them forth and use them to shape their destinies. One of life’s beautiful truths is that you can accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of accomplishing. Allow us to show you how.